Review of Challenger Mobility Folding Beach Cart

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    Challenger Mobility Folding Beach Cart Large Balloon Tires

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    When choosing a cart, dolly or wagon for the beach you’ll want to make sure it is strong enough to hold all of your beach paraphernalia.  You’ll have the cooler, chairs, beach towels, mats, umbrella and such.  When folded this cart can fit into a small car or truck easily.  This is one of the best beach carts for soft sand.

    The Challenger Mobility Folding Beach Cart is a dolly type carrier  with large balloon wheels that won’t sink down in the sand.  It can handle 165 pounds of weight and folds easily for storage.  The product weight is only 18 lbs.

    There is a very small amount of assembly and you’ll only need a pair of pliers and a Phillips head screwdriver.  The wheels are held on by cotter pins so you can remove them easily if need be.

    The large wheels cause this trolley to skim over the sand very well.


    • Well build and sturdy tubular construction
    • Large balloon tires that can be detached
    • Wheels size: 11.8″ x 7″ – Perfect for the Beach & Sand
    • Weight capacity: 165 lbs. yet the Product Weight is only 18 lbs
    • The platform on the bottom folds up for easy storage
    • Telescoping Handle height: 29″ to 49″, Platform dimensions: 14″ wide x 14.5″ deep


    • It sets up easily, with minor assembly required
    • The large tires will make any terrain an easy job
    • Hold the most weight of any other cart.
    • Adjustable handle length for taller people
    • Additional strap to secure loads
    • Soft sand is no problem or rocky terrain


    • It is a little heavy for small women or children (18 lbs.).
    • You must have an air supply to fill the wheels, but a bike pump can do.

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    Challenger Mobility Folding Beach Cart Large Balloon Tires Challenger J2020 Sand and Beach Trolley is a good choice for heavier loads.  The bottom platform can hold your cooler and you can stack your other beach paraphernalia on top of that.

     Your beach chairs and umbrella can be strapped to the back.  Then just tilt and roll down the beach.  When you get home just fold it up and store in your best closet or garage.  Always rinse the salt and sand off your beach carts before storage.

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