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Advantages of Beach Carts, Beach Wagons and Beach Dollies

Do you feel like a pack-mule when lugging all your beach gear through the sand? A day at the beach is a welcome vacation even if its only for one day. You don’t want to spend your time trudging back and forth to the car to tote your beach paraphernalia to your favorite spot. Here […]


How To Build Your Own Beach Cart

As the name implies, a beach cart is used to carry beach gear and paraphernalia that we usually take with us to the beach such as tents, coolers, umbrellas, and snacks. It has wheels that move through the sand which make it easier to move and haul the items all at once, so you do […]


Do It Yourself Beach Cart for Those On a Budget

Hitting the beach with the family is a fun way to bond and spend the summer. However, the fun bit can be mixed with some stress, especially when you have to bring a lot of stuff such as chairs, coolers, umbrellas, sand buckets, and other beach essentials such as towels, swimming gears, clothes, and personal […]