Advantages of Beach Carts, Beach Wagons and Beach Dollies

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    Life without Beach Carts makes you feel like a pack-mule when lugging all your beach gear through the sand? A day at the beach is a welcome vacation even if its only for one day. You don’t want to spend your time trudging back and forth to the car to tote your beach paraphernalia to your favorite spot. Here are a few tips on the best beach carts and beach wagons to think about.

    First off how much gear are you going to be taking to the beach? Of course you’ll want your cooler with all your drinks, snacks and food.

    Then you’ll be bringing along your beach towels, beach chairs, umbrellas, toys, sun shelter, tents, folding tables and maybe a fishing rod or two. You may even need to bring along a beach wheel chair or floating beach chair. How much will all of this weigh? That is your number one question.

    Most beach carts have rather large and fat wheels so they don’t sink down into the sand. Beware when shopping around because the utility carts have thinner wheels and don’t do as well in sand. But most beach carts can do double duty as garden carts and utility carts; they can move well on concrete, dirt, asphalt or grass.

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    Some beach carts are build like a regular dolly, but they have large balloon tires that glide over soft sand well. These type usually have a strap to help secure your load. You can always use a few bungee cords. Just tilt the cart toward you and pull like a sled.

    Beach Wagons

    You might want to pay more attention to beach carts (wagons) that have four wheels rather than the carts that have two large wheels and two smaller wheels in front. The weight is distributed more evenly in the a beach wagon with four large wheels as with the carts from Mac Sports.

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    The beach wagon has lower sides. Lifting your gear out of a tall beach cart means bending over the then lifting higher that take more strength. Our thoughts are that a beach wagon might be a better choice for ladies and moms.

    The Handle

    When choosing which wagon or cart to purchase, look how the towing handle is attached to the cart. Most wagons have the handle attached down at the front wheels which will make steering the cart much easier. Some carts have the handle stem attached to the top of the front side. We’re not sure if the wheels will go exactly where you want them to go.

    The Wheels

    When choosing a beach wagon you’ll want wheels that are at least 4″ X 10″ with small treads indented so that they don’t sink far into the sand. Utility carts have thinner wheels and if you already have one of those it will probably suffice, but it will be harder to pull through sand. Utility carts are really just meant for home or warehouse.

    Beach Trolleys or Beach Dollies

    Dolly type beach carts have very large balloon tires as the one pictured here. The Rio Brands Wonder Wheeler is also a dolly type cart with a rack to carry your beach chairs on the side. When comparing these two carts, the Rio brand cart is less expensive and the Wheeleez folding cart has fatter tires and can carry a heavier load.

    Depending on the number of people and pets in your family that love going to the beach, you can take these beach cart tips and find the best one for your needs.

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