AmazonBasics Cotton Beach Towel Review

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    Consumers won’t have any problems choosing beach towels today because of the big variety available in the market. However, all beach towels are not created equal so it is best to take a good look on those towels and check out their quality and durability.

    Beach towels should be comfortable to make your seaside experience better. Here is a review of the AmazonBasics Cotton Beach Towel to help you out on this quest.

    AmazonBasics Cotton Beach Towel

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    • Made with 100% ring-spun cotton and durable terry cloth weave
    • Pack includes 2 towels
    • Has great absorbency, coverage and fluffiness
    • Includes hemmed edges for extra strength
    • Has cabana stripe pattern in several colors from sky blue, navy, seafoam green to yellow
    • Can be machine-washed and tumble-dried on low
    • Measure 30 x 60 inches
    • Manufactured in OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory


    A beach towel is one of the most-used beach accessories that individuals own. We cannot go on our summer vacations or outdoor activities without one. We use it to lie down on hot sand and dry off our hair and body.

    A good beach towel makes beach trips more comfortable for us. Products like the beach towels from AmazonBasics make seaside outings easier and more fun for us consumers. The AmazonBasics cotton beach towel pack includes two towels that are made from high-quality cotton with strong terry cloth weave.

    Cotton, together with terry cloth weaving, makes for a strengthened and more durable beach towel. It can last a long time if you properly take care of it. Furthermore, it is tough and easy to maintain over time. This is the biggest advantage of cotton material. Cotton towels can be washed by standard methods such as machine-washing. You can also dry them with a dryer on a low setting.

    Or, you can just choose to allow them to dry under the sun. Cotton is the most common material used to make beach towels. Cotton beach towel is a bit thinner and coarser as compared to other types of towels. Its composition actually provides a higher absorbency rate, faster means to dry and it takes up less room when packing.

    Cotton beach towels are favored by many and they are ideal for taking on longer trips as you will be using them for a good amount of time. If you are more into lounging by the shore or poolside, the AmazonBasics beach towel will be your faithful companion. It provides good coverage and comfort.

    It also facilitates a feeling of wellness and indulgence – ideal for your beach vacations or any outdoor activity. It provides a decent length so that users can feel cozy and wrapped up after a dip in the ocean. The product is made from 100 percent ring-spun cotton and its high quality makes it a soft and strengthened cotton and terry cloth weave combo.

    It provides excellent absorbency and has top-notch softness. It also provides an obvious suppleness on both sides of the towel. The towel has the capacity to absorb water and it will stay absorbent and super soft even after a washing and drying cycle. This beach towel has the cabana stripe motif and the stripe colors include yellow, seafoam green, sky blue and navy.

    The cabana stripe is a popular and traditional print that provides a nod to swimming pools in hotels and beach clubs. To take care of the product, you have to machine-wash the item at 30 degrees.

    Following the wash, you have to tumble-dry the towel or you can choose to dry it outside. If you want better results, remember to wash the towels individually the first time to minimize the addition of lint. It is recommended that you do not use fabric softener on a cotton beach towel so that the product does not lose its absorbing power.

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    The AmazonBasics beach towel pack’s size might not be big enough for some individuals. This might not suit tall people. However, it can serve as a great towel to use after a swim or to snuggle into during colder beach nights.

    Furthermore, cotton towels do get very heavy when they absorb water. Because of their rougher nature, they can also pick up sand.


    A beach towel is an important item in our beach accessories list so it pays to do a bit of research in order to get a quality product. If you are after strength, traditional designs and cotton material, the AmazonBasics Cotton Beach Towel will work for you. It has excellent water-absorbing capabilities and hemmed edge.

    It provides nice coverage while requiring very less maintenance. It has quality construction with terry cloth weave. The pack includes 2 towels so you can always have an extra towel on hand.

    However, this might not be suitable for tall individuals due to its size. It does make for a comfortable and snug wrap after a swim.

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