Utopia Towels Large Beach Towel Review

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    Summer is finally here once more and this means a season packed full of beach outings and fun by the sea or pool. For the people longing for warmer weather after continuous seasons of cold and rain, summer is always a welcome respite from those extremes.

    Now is the time to check out all of your beach side gear and consider buying new stocks of beach towels. A beach towel is one of the most important items you have to bring on those trips along with your sunscreen. Know more about this item by reading this review of the Utopia Towels Large Beach Towel.

    Utopia Towels Large Beach Towel 

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    • Set comes with 4 large beach towels
    • Has cabana stripe design
    • Measures 30 x 60 inches
    • Machine-washable and can be tumbled dry on low
    • Composed of natural materials free from damaging chemicals and synthetics
    • Wash individually after initial use to reduce lint


    There is a reason why cotton beach towels are often bestsellers. A cotton towel like the Large Beach Towel from Utopia Towels has a breathable quality. This means that it allows air to pass through the fabric and this keeps users cool and fresh throughout the day.

    Synthetic items are often made of materials that have a plastic quality to them and at times, air cannot get through the fibers. Therefore, cotton is the way to go if you want something that can cool you down. Cotton is a good material to dry your body off after a relaxing dip in the water.

    High-end fabrics are often expensive so cotton materials are a welcome alternative. Cotton is affordable, which is why you will not only see it on clothing, but also in the materials used to make blankets and towels.

    You can opt for standard cotton fabric but you can easily graduate to Turkish or Egyptian cotton. Ringspun cotton is a great material for beach towels and this product is made of it.

    People with sensitive skin can rejoice because cotton beach towels are never harsh or aggravating on the skin. They have a softer feel – unlike certain fabrics such as wool and synthetics. If you like the feel of cotton shirts and underwear, you will surely get the same results from a cotton beach towel.

    Cotton is also very low-maintenance. It does not require any special steps to clean. All users have to do is wash it in the machine, tumble it dry on low or allow it to air outside. If you want to keep the beach towel in tip-top condition for a long time, just do not use bleach or fabric softener on it because it can reduce its absorbent quality.

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    Cotton is very accommodating when it comes to prints and colors. It is capable of holding dye well and at the same time, it is a natural material.

    It is open to different kinds of dyes, which makes it a flexible choice in terms of fabrics. Whether you want something with funky colors, neutrals or pastels, cotton fabric can deal with all sorts of tones.

    Cotton is a fabric that is often free from chemicals. It does not have any kind of chemical; hence, it is considered a natural product. As compared to synthetics such as microfiber, cotton has a higher absorbency rate and displays the natural texture on its surface.

    The texture is convenient when it comes to using it in the shower or cleaning your face but and it is not too coarse to the point that it can aggravate the skin.

    The Large Beach Towel from Utopia Towels is absorbent, quite fluffy and a comfort to use after a swim. It is made of 100% cotton and has breathable properties that make it a product that is nice to use on the body.

    It is hypoallergenic too and soft to the touch. It comes with terry weave, which means it is highly absorbent. You can use this item by the pool or beach and it has a measurement of 30 by 60 inches, which gives good coverage. This is a quick-drying towel with hemmed edges that are worked on carefully to further improve its durability and quality.

    It retains softness after several washes and drying cycles as well. Its good construction with additional combing procedures takes away smaller fibers, which prevents shedding and unraveling and at the same time, gives a lightweight feel and a higher absorbency rate.


    The Large Beach Towel is a great product. However, for some users, it might not be heavy enough to be considered a luxury towel.


    Utopia Towels’ Large Beach Towel makes for an excellent companion by the pool or the beach and because it comes in a pack of four, it is good enough for the whole family or a group of friends. It is comfortable, breathable, has a soft feel and is very absorbent. It is made of 100% cotton. An excellent deal for 4 large towels.

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