Review of the Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain Utility Beach Wagon Cart

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    When it comes to family outings, especially when going to the beach, it is essential that you make the trip as comfortable and as convenient as possible. Spending the day outdoors, especially with the company of your loved ones, is always a great idea, until you think of all the different stuff that you need to take along with you. That’s when you need a folding beach cart.

    Aside from personal belongings that can always be placed in a large beach bag, you also need to bring other items such as swimming gears, coolers for beverages and snacks, umbrellas for protection from too much sun, chairs for lounging, and sand buckets and other toys for the kids.

    Even when there are several of you who can help carry the items by hand, it will still take a lot of effort and may even cause some commotion in the process. Not to mention the fact that it can be really tiring.

    That is why, when going to the beach in groups, it is important to have a reliable beach cart that you can use to haul your things from the car to the beach with less effort. One of the best that you can find in the market is the Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain Utility Beach Wagon Cart from Mac Sports.

    Mac Sports is the largest manufacturer and distributor of collapsible folding furniture such as this beach wagon cart, that is why if you are looking for a product that you can trust, this one from Mac Sports will definitely not fail you.

    Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain Utility Beach Wagon Cart from Mac Sports

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    • It has a spacious interior. The wagon has a large capacity, which opens to approximately 36.2†x 21.4†x 24.6â€.
    • It is very compact and can be conveniently stored as it is only 9.7†thick when folded. The folded size of this cart is approximately 31.5†x 21.4†x 9.7†so it will not take up too much space in the trunk of the car and at home.
    • It also comes with a carrying case for portability.
    • It can hold a maximum weight of up to 150 lbs and its ability to hold this much weight is due to its sturdy and heavy duty frame construction. Therefore, it definitely lightens the load.
    • It has extra large wheels which make it perfect for hauling large items and beach gear wherever you want to go.
    • It can be used in any terrain, whether on the concrete sidewalk, on the rocky parts of the beach, or on the sand. You can even use it in other outdoor events such as picnics, concerts, sporting events, or for general use around the house.
    • It has an adjustable handle which makes it easier to move or transport anywhere.
    • It also has two mesh cup holders to keep your beverages secured and in place.
    • It can be easily identified by its blue colored wagon with a white frame and the “Beachcomber Mac wagon†logo.

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    • It has enough space for all your beach essentials, including bigger items such as chairs and coolers.
    • Aside from the roomy interior, it has a maximum carrying capacity of 150 lbs which is significantly higher than most beach carts offered in the market.
    • Folding beach cart stores nicely; less than 10 inches thick.
    • It is very user-friendly as it is easy to set up and does not require any assembly.
    • It has a sturdy and durable design, especially the bottom part, which is the most important in a cart.
    • It is easy to pull on the sand, thanks to its large, 4″ X 10″ wide plastic wheels.
    • It is also easy to fold back for storage and can still be pulled even when folded.
    • Maximum weight in deep sand: 50 lbs.
    • Handle is attached to the front wheels for better steering.


    • The front wheels are a bit close together; it might be a little unsteady if heavily loaded.


    The fact that the Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain Utility Beach Wagon Cart can carry a lot of items in terms of quantity and weight, makes it a great choice for a beach cart. After all, you would want a cart which can hold as many item as it can to make your beach trip more convenient and make your hauling job easier.

    Athough it still has areas that can be improved, its great features are already enough to consider buying it for long term use. It is roomy, sturdy, and durable, which are some of the most important characteristics that you should look for in a beach cart. In addition to its features, the Mac Sports Heavy Duty Beach Cart also has an elegant design which you can take anywhere, even outside the beach.

    Most importantly, you can be assured of its quality since it is manufactured by a company which produces high end sporting equipment, so its value and excellence will not be compromised.

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