Review of Super Ultimate Ultra Wide Wheel Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart

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    Have you ever experienced going to the beach with the whole family and having to carry a lot of things with you? To make it even more demanding, have you experienced going back and forth from the car to the beach because you just could not carry everything that you need to bring all at once?

    If you have had that stressful experience, then you know how tiring it could be that all your energy have already been spent even before you start  with your beach activities. This cart makes life much easier.

    The good news is, you can prevent that from happening by doing yourself a favor and getting a beach cart. It can definitely make your beach outing better and your hauling job much easier that you can conserve all your energy for other fun things that you can do at the beach with your family.

    Basically, a beach cart is an outdoor equipment that is designed to carry all your beach essentials such as coolers, beach chairs, umbrellas, tents, towels, mats, swimming gear, kids’ toys,  and other beach paraphernalia, which you need to make your outing more fun and comfortable.

    It is like a trolley that you can use to haul your stuff on the sand, without having to carry anything. All you have to do is push or pull the handle until you reach your favorite beach spot and settle yo enjoy the day.

    If you are still on the lookout for the perfect beach cart that you can buy, you might want to consider the Super Ultimate Ultra Wide Wheel Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart. This beach cart is from Beach Mall, which is known to offer a large selection of beach products to their customers, while also offering selection, value, service, and convenience.

    This company is built around their customers that is why they give importance to each of their product’s design, quality, and most importantly, pricing. The Super Ultimate Ultra Wide Wheel Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart is a great product to consider because of its nice features that are stated below.

    Super Ultimate Ultra Wide Wheel Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart

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    • It has open dimensions of 39.5†x 16†x 28.8†in height, width, and diameter and folded dimensions of 37†x 16†x 8†in length, width, and height.
    • It has a weight capacity of 77 lbs.
    • It also has a chair hanging bar that is 16.5 inches wide. It can hold up to four beach chairs.
    • The frame is made of steel, while the fabric is made of polyester so it is easy to clean and maintain. The steel has mist finish tubing, while the fabric used is mesh and colored black.
    • The dual steerable 4.5†front wheels are designed for easier maneuverability and can be used on any surface with ease. Its rear wheels are 10†in diameter and 4†wide and can roll easily over sand. Because of its ultra wide wheels, it will not sink or plow on sand.
    • It has an extended neoprene handle, which makes handling easier and more comfortable.
    • It has full width back cover for extra durability and an embroidered back pocket for quick access storage.
    • It folds flat for easy storage.
    • It also has an umbrella holder, which is mounted on the side of the cart.


    • It weighs only 16 lbs, so it is very portable.
    • It folds out easily with no set up required. The frame comes fully assembled so you just have to add the easy snap on wheels and it is ready to be used.
    • It also folds back in easily and will not take up too much space in the car compartment or in your storage at home.
    • It is very spacious and has a separate umbrella holder.
    • It does not get stuck in the sand, thanks to its wide wheels. Just make sure that you push it rather than push for easier hauling.
    • It is versatile and can be used even in other outdoor activities or around the house.


    • The front wheels tend to get a little wobbly at times.
    • The maximum load capacity is lower than other leading beach carts offered in the market.

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    The Super Ultimate Ultra Wide Wheel Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart from Beach Mall is one of the most popular beach cart for a reason. Many people like it because of its extra wide wheels so that is something that you may want to consider, given that you will be using it mostly on the sand for your frequent beach outings.

    Although it can only hold a maximum of 77 lbs, that is still enough and you can already put a lot of your stuff in it to make your day at the beach more fun and enjoyable. It is big enough to haul a large cooler, four chairs, a big umbrella, plus tons of your personal belongings, toys, and other swimming gear. The important thing is, it is much easier to haul and drag across the sand, compared to other carts with skinny tires.

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