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    A day at the beach will not be complete without all the essentials that the whole family needs all throughout the day. Of course, you need swimming gears to fully maximize your time in the water, food and beverages when you get hungry from all the activities, chairs, beach mats, and umbrellas to keep you comfortable when you relax, and extra clothes and toiletries for when you are done swimming.

    It would be a hassle to bring all these items and carry them by hand for you will lose all your energy even before the day starts. That is why a beach cart is a necessity during times like these so that you can carry all your beach essentials with less effort.

    If you do not have a beach cart yet and a beach trip with the family is coming up, one of the products that you should consider is the Rio Brands Deluxe Wonder Wheeler Wide. It is manufactured and distributed by Rio Brands, which has been in the business since 1947.

    The company brings fashion and quality to beach and backyard furniture and it has been committed to service, quality, and innovation ever since. The products of Rio Brands offer comfort, durability, and function, that is why you cannot go wrong with its Wonder Wheeler Wide beach cart. You can rely on it to make your trip to the beach less stressful and more orderly.

    Rio Brands Deluxe Wonder Wheeler Wide

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    • The dimensions of this beach cart are 41†long x 24.5†wide x 32†in height.
    • It is a foldable beach cart with extra large wheels that can be used on all types of terrains. It can be used on sand, gravel, grass, or pavement.
    • The wide back wheels are 10†in diameter and 4†wide. It also has front swivel and articulating wheels which can make maneuvering much easier.
    • It has a spacious storage area, which measures 15 cubic feet.
    • It also has a rear storage pocket which measures 11 ¾†x 14â€.
    • It can hold several items and has a 100 lbs maximum weight capacity. You can haul a 48 quart cooler in it plus four beach chairs.
    • It has a sturdy steel frame so it is built to last and can be used for many of your memorable beach trips with loved ones.
    • It is made with heavy duty mesh fabric, which endures wear. It also dries quickly so you can clean it easily and effortlessly.
    • The handles are extended and stroller style, making it easier to push or pull. It also has a neoprene grip so your hands will not slide.
    • It comes with a removable tote with shoulder strap for other items that need to be carried separately, as well as a side umbrella holder.
    • It also has bottom tray and rack.


    • This beach cart is very easy to assemble. You just need to clip in the wheels and it is ready to be used. You do not even need any tools to put it up.
    • Compared to the previous Rio Brands beach carts, this Deluxe Wide Wheel Ultra Wheeler Cart has 20% more space
    • It is spacious so you can put a lot of your stuff in it, including bigger items.
    • It has a sturdy frame so you can depend on its strength in holding up to 100 lbs of your beach essentials.
    • It is easy to maneuver because of its wide back wheels. It rolls easily, even on unpacked and soft sand.


    • The front wheels don’t seem to be as strong as that of the big back wheels.
    • We worried that we would puncture the mesh holding bag.


    The Rio Brands Deluxe Wonder Wheeler Wide is a great investment, especially if you love going to the beach with your family and friends. It can definitely make your life so much easier by reducing the amount of stress that you have to endure in going back and forth from the car to the beach just to get everything that you need to enjoy your day.

    Although some say it is a little pricey compared to other similar products, the price is worth it, considering the help that it can provide. It is also a plus factor that it is durable, sturdy, and has a spacious storage to fit a lot of your beach essentials, including big items such as coolers and beach chairs.

    It can definitely make sure that you can carry all your beach gear in just one cart, without having to go back to the car several times so you can save your energy for the swimming and fun beach activities instead of using them all up to haul your things.

    Compared to the previous Rio Brands beach carts, this Deluxe Wide Wheel Ultra Wheeler Cart has 20% more space, so you can put more in it and maximize the additional storage. Just keep in mind that although it works well in all terrains, it is best to pull rather than push the cart, to exert less effort and make your hauling job easier.

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