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Introducing the Beachcomber Mac Wagon.  Convenience and comfort are important when on a vacation, especially on a day at the beach. Before you relax and enjoy the sandy shores, you’ll need to haul and set up your beach essentials. This includes, towels, sunscreen lotions and other sun protections, toys and gears, chairs and umbrellas. Hauling these items, including small children can be incredibly inconvenient not to mention heavy and awkward. To save you the trouble of carrying everything all at once, or going back and forth to the parking lot, we introduce the Beachcomber Mac Wagon. It carries everything for you. The foldable beach wagon is designed to carry your belongs across the sand and take the load off your shoulders.

Beachcomber Mac Wagon


Here are the special features of the Beachcomber Mac Wagon:

  • The wagon’s spacious design enables it to haul a large quantity of items. Once unfolded, it opens to 36.2in x 21.4in x 9.7in. It conveniently carries more items all at once. Once folded, it is only 9.7 inches thick, with a carrying case for easy storage and mobility.

  • The maximum capacity of the Beachcomber Mac is 150 lbs. The sturdy frame and thick wheels allows it to carry this much weight without breaking.

  • The heavy-duty xl wheels allow you to use it wherever and whenever you need to carry multiple items. It is not just for sandy beaches, but can be used on grassy fields, concrete sidewalks, and rocky terrain. Its utility is endless. It is perfect for outdoor events such as tailgating parties, other sporting events and shopping. It can even be used around the house for gardening and repairs. It conveniently carries everything you need, no matter what the situation or event.

  • The Beachcomber Mac has a special mesh to hold 2 cups. Here, you can keep your favorite drink in place and prevent spills.

  • Handling and steering is made easy by the handle being attached to the front wheels.

  • The handle locks into place to hold it in its extended position.

  • There is no need for assembly or additional attachments. Everything is already in place upon purchase. Just unfold and use.

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Overall, the wagon is a great addition to your household items and useful everywhere and anywhere. It is convenient and easy to store in the garage, attic or car.

One young mother stated that we particularly like the wide wheels that don’t sink down in the sand. We have the Beachcomber Mac Wagon and the Sandusky Beach Wagon.  The wheels of the Beachcomber Mac Wagon are wider and taller (4.25″ wide and 10″ tall). The Sandusky wheels which are only 3.25″ wide and 8″ tall.  Since the handle is attached to the wheels, the Beachcomber pulls up out of the sand and the other on just digs in.  Sand gets packed up in the Sandusky wheels because the slots are too deep.  The wheels of the Beachcomber don’t hold the sand like the Sandusky. 

This folding beach wagon will give you years of work to take the drudgery out of all types of chores around the house or farm.  It may be called a beach wagon, but it‘s a work horse around any place.

Updated May 2024

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