Hospitality Supply Inc 100% USA Cotton Beach-Towels Review

Hospitality Supply Inc USA Cotton Beach-Towels Review
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Having a great quality beach towel will make your seaside and pool experience better. There are lots of beach towels being sold today and they differ when it comes to sizes, designs and materials used. These products often have their own features and advantages, catering a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Before buying a beach towel, it is best that you read about the product first so you have a good idea as to which towel to purchase. We have this review of Hospitality Supply Inc 100% USA Cotton Beach-Towels that you may like to read.

Features of the Hospitality Supply Inc Beach Towels

  • Comes with 4 beach towels
  • Made with 100% cotton for excellent absorption
  • Has bright stripe design
  • Has excellent construction to reduce shrinkage
  • Measures 30 x 60 inches
  • Is 400 GSM


A bright beach towel is a great item to bring on your beach trips. Designs such as stripes in vivid colors can cheer anyone up. A towel like this product from Hospital Supply will not only make drying your body after a swim a nice experience, but also it will make your day. It has an excellent construction that makes it a good buy.

When buying a beach towel, you have to consider the fabric it’s made of. This product is made from 100% cotton material and cotton is believed to be the best towel material because of its ability to absorb water. It has a higher absorbency rate as compared to other materials.

It is also more comfortable to lie on at the beach’s hot sand and lounge chairs by the pool. Lying by the shore on those hot sands can be made tolerable with a good beach towel like this Hospital Supply Inc product.

You also have to make sure that you select a towel that fits your body correctly. This product has a good coverage as it measures 30 by 60 inches. As soon as you get out of the water, you need to be able to wrap your body up in a towel that has excellent coverage.

Cheap ones are shorter in length and thinner as well. The shorter the fabric, the lower the capability to absorb water that is running off your body. Hence, it is advised that you select a towel that can cover your body appropriately.

You need to take into consideration the weight of the towel as well. This product has 400 GSM, meaning it is not too thin or too thick therefore it is perfect for beach and pool use.

Notice if the product gets too heavy whenever it is soaked. With this product, you won’t have to deal with too much weight after a soak in the water. Heavy beach towels can be bothersome to bring around, especially if you tend to change spots frequently at the beach.

These days, the bestsellers among beach towels are often cotton types. Cotton also has this ability to grow stronger whenever it’s saturated. Furthermore, when genuine cotton material is combined with terry cloth weaving, it becomes even more absorbent.

Terry cloth is a kind of weave that majority of us are quite familiar with. This weave can be found mostly in towels and it features raised loops that provide the item with maximum levels of absorption while at the same time, allow it to be soft, warm and appealing. This product has both. So, if you want something that absorbs water fast and is ultra-comfortable to boot, this product is for you.

To maintain your Hospital Supply Inc’s beach towel’s integrity, remember to never use bleach on it. Even if the towel says it is free from bleach, you should never wash it with that solution. Stain removers are alright but bleach can weaken fabrics and this can degrade quality of cotton towels.

Furthermore, it is not recommended that you use fabric softener on cotton towels since it gets in the way of the towel’s excellent absorption rate. It is also a nice idea to fluff up those towels after a wash so that they can always be in good condition.


This 100% USA Cotton beach towel from Hospital Supply Inc has a measurement of 30 x 60 inches. This might not be big enough for some. Moreover, for people who are looking for thin beach towels, this is might not be a choice product.


The Hospitality Supply Inc 100% USA Cotton Beach-Towels are a great product. It is absorbent, comfortable, is made from 100% cotton material and comes with terry cloth weave. It comes in a pack of 4 so if you have kids or are on a beach trip with a few friends, the children won’t have to fight for towels and you will always have extras to hand out to your friends. This is a must-have product if you are on the hunt for a beach towel that works.


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