Dawhud Direct Great White Shark Teeth Beach and Shower Towel Review

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    Do you have deep love for the sea and summer season? If yes, then you must be one of those types who are particular about the beach towels they use. Beach towels are indispensable, especially during the summer since they make all those beach outings convenient and more comfortable.

    A beach towel can act as a kind of bedding laid flat on the sand and you can lie down on it and just watch nature by the beach. It can also act as a regular towel as soon as you are finished swimming. A beach towel is one of the most coveted beach accessories today and finding one has never been this easy.

    However, you have to make sure that you have a good idea about the products being offered today. Therefore, you should check out this review of the Dawhud Direct Great White Shark Teeth Beach and Shower Towel.

    Dawhud Direct White Shark Teeth Towel


    • Measures 30 x 60 inches
    • Has bright and vivid prints
    • Soft, comfortable and absorbent towel
    • Ideal for beach and pool outings
    • Easy to maintain
    • Can be washed in washing machine


    Beach towels have become trendy and hip fashion accessories nowadays. They are now available in a wide range of colors and designs. We are going to discuss Dawhud Direct Great White Shark Teeth beach towel’s design. Do you want to make a statement by the beach? Make it big with a graphic and vividly-patterned towel like this product.

    This is also a nice item for your little kids who like the sea and its fantastic creatures. Printed towels are loved by children because of the comfort and snugness they provide. Make that beach side event a more stimulating experience for your kids by adding colors and wild characters with this Great White Shark Teeth beach towel. It will bring eagerness into your little boy’s or teen’s mind. The lively colors it provides make all that time spent on the beach more interesting.

    You might find your kid excited to show off this towel and eager for a swim just so they can use it. This is also a nice item to lay flat on the sand and allow your kid to rest and watch the scene.

    Contemporary beach towels are great to take along and this one, in particular, will get you noticed with its stunning great white shark design. There is no color-fastness on this product and it has good durability too.

    When it comes to maintenance, we all know that you should not use fabric softeners and bleach on beach towels. Do not ever use those items on a beach towel because they can reduce its quality and integrity.

    Bleach, for one, weakens the material. This is a product with a vivid design so cleaning it with bleach is not advisable since it can fade the colors quickly.

    As for fabric softener, this particular item can have an influence on the absorbent level of a towel. It hampers absorption therefore it is best if you just wash your towel with a regular gentle detergent in the machine, tumble it dry on low or allow it to dry on the clothesline outdoors.

    If you are the type who likes graphic prints, then make sure that you check this one out. It is perfect for the beach because it has a stunning image of a sea creature. If you are tired of the usual traditional stripes and spots towels, why not give bright and lively graphics a chance?

    It will perk up your mood and can act as a conversation starter as well. As you can see in the towel, the design catches your attention. This is also a perfect gift for teens and kids who want something that is out of the ordinary.


    The Great White Shark Teeth beach towel has a few minor drawbacks, though. For people who are looking for a somewhat thicker towel with good quality, this may not be a choice product. Unfortunately, this product has a thinner feel to it and its quality is somewhat subpar.

    Its biggest selling point is its amazing, nearly-real print of a shark. So, if you want something that has an excellent design, go for this one. However, if you prefer quality over appearance, you are better off with another beach towel.


    The Dawhud Direct Great White Shark Teeth Beach and Shower Towel is a must-have product for all beachgoers with a taste for loud prints. It will surely get you noticed in a crowd and it’s a great conversation starter too.

    However, if you are not into aesthetics and prefer quality over looks, this is not the beach towel for you. This makes for a nice gift for men and boys who love a bit of adventure on their beach towels. This is overall a good product. It’s not that high up on quality, though.

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