Body Glove 16511 Reactor Body Board: A Detailed Review

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    Bodyboarding is a challenging water sport, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes rewarding and fun. Although surfing is more popular than bodyboarding, the latter is gaining more popularity these days. It is performed by riding a board in the face, crest, and curl of the waves that carry the rider towards the shore.

    Want to know how to excel in bodyboarding? Well, the first thing you need to do is to learn the basics. Then, you need a good bodyboard that suits your skill level.

    Picking Out a Bodyboard

    Choosing a reliable bodyboard will help you improve as a rider. A good board will aid you to catch up with speed, enable you to maneuver better, and increase your control and flexibility. Landing on this page means that you are ready to get into bodyboarding more seriously.

    Now that you have learned the basic rules of bodyboarding and get used to the water, it’s time to have your own board. A good one doesn’t have to be expensive. It is essential to match the features and advantages to your abilities and preferences as a rider.

    Some of the factors to consider when choosing a bodyboard are the materials, built, and leash. All of these factors built together should help improve your performance. Riders have different levels of performances: beginners, mid-level, and professional. It is important to use a board that suits your comfort and abilities.

    There is a wide variety of body boards today. To help you choose, we have picked one of the bestsellers and look into the key features, positive or negative.

    The Body Glove 16511 Reactor Body Board

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    Body Glove has been manufacturing quality boards for over 60 years. It is considered a vital brand in watersports equipment. It is popular for creating high-quality water sports equipment such as surfboards, bodyboards, wetsuits, swimsuits, and more.


    To better understand what this board has to offer, let us look into the features of the Body Glove 16511 Reactor Body Board.

    • Materials

    The core of this entry-level bodyboard is made with EPS. Expanded polystyrene core, or EPS, is a kind of foam that is firm but lightweight. It makes for an excellent platform for riding to the beach or crashing into the whitewater or broken waves.

    This EPS material provides an adequate amount of flexibility and abundant buoyancy as well. For beginners, it is an excellent material. Hence, the Body Glove 16511 Reactor Body Board is a perfect choice for beginners, but mid-level experienced riders enjoy using it too.

    The top skin of Body Glove 16511 Reactor Body Board is made of IXPE. This material enhances the density and strength of the board. It also protects the board against the water and absorbs shock, providing the boarder with smooth riding experience.

    • Leash

    The Body Glove 16511 Reactor Body Board comes with a poly straight leash made from a urethane material. The urethane coil leash is known to stretch under tension but stays strong.

    In addition, the leash also prevents the boarder from getting separated from the board when he crashes against the waves. It helps absorb shock too, which protects the boarder when the waves get tough. It comes with an adjustable wrist strap as well.

    • Design

    The design can speak for the boarder’s personality and style. The Body Glove 16511 Reactor Body Board has a roller print graphics design that suits anyone—young or old, male or female. The print and colors are not astounding but can be easily sighted even from afar.

    One important advantage of the design and color is to make it visible from the shore. The Body Glove 16511 Reactor Body Board has enough bright colors that can be seen from a distance. When things get worst, and you need help, people can easily spot you from afar.


    • Doesn’t easily break
    • Firm and rigid construction
    • Gives rider more control and flexibility
    • Offers a smooth ride
    • Easy to carry and stylish
    • Reduces shock
    • Great for beginners and stays nearby


    • Velcro might break off

    Summary of the Features

    • Materials: EPS core and IXPE top skin
    • Design: roller print graphics
    • Construction: Built with crescent tail and straight urethane leash

    Comparison with a Similar Board

    This bodyboard from Body Glove won’t be suitable for everyone, but other options might suit you instead. If you are looking for something that has a stronger built and is suitable for both beginners and mid-level riders, you may want to consider the GYN Trade Pro X Bodyboard.

    GYN Trade Pro X Bodyboard

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    The parts of GYN Trade Pro X Bodyboard are heat sealed, rather than glued. This kind of process connects the layers together in a stiffer way, hence preventing the bubble that may arise when in use.

    This board is made with a hard, slick bottom that is lightweight. This bottom, together with its crescent tail and strong built, makes it possible for the board to withstand serious waves.

    The GYN Trade Pro X Bodyboard comes in different sizes. The size 33†is 16-inch wide and 2-inch thickness. On the other hand, the size 42†has a 22-inch width and 2 1/3-inch thickness.

    It is also worth considering the price of each bodyboard. Keep in mind that the GYN Trade Pro X Bodyboard is more expensive than the one from Body Glove. However, their construction and quality are almost the same.

    The Final Verdict

    If you are a beginner, then the Body Glove 16511 Reactor Body Board is a better choice. However, if you want a board with more durability, can help you improve with advanced moves and performance, and if you are ready to face bigger waves, then you should go for the GYN Trade Pro X Bodyboard.

    Overall, the Body Glove 16511 Reactor Body Board is a superb option for riders who are still learning how to ride the waves perfectly. It is easy to use, lightweight, and allows for more speed and control. Hence, it is easy to carry and is more shock-absorbent, so you can take it easy and help you get used to the waves and skills.

    Hence, if you want to try out bodyboarding or are already into the water sports and want to excel at it, both will be possible with this bodyboard from Body Glove.

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