Best Bodyboards for a Fun, Active Summer

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    Many people are getting into this new watersports craze called bodyboarding. The good thing is that there are many boards available in the market. You can choose from a wide variety, but which among the best bodyboards really suits your preferences and size?

    For beginners, it is recommended that they get used to the water first. Once they experience searching for and riding on a wave, they can determine what kind of bodyboard best suits them. It is not necessary that the board is of high quality or expensive too. What’s important is to use a comfortable board that will help them be acquainted with the ocean and the skill of bodyboarding.

    Different Types of Bodyboards

    There are basically three levels of bodyboard:

    • Entry-level: It is an inexpensive basic board that is made of EPS/Styrofoam core and a leash.
    • Mid-level: It is made of polyethylene core, and sometimes with one or two stringers that are basically carbon or graphite rod.
    • High-end: It is an expensive board made of polypropylene core that is lighter and stronger than polyethylene core.

    Best Bodyboards: Our Top Three Favorites

    These kinds of bodyboard are the first considerations that help identify which one best suit you. We have picked the three of the best ones to help you know which bodyboard best matches your needs and preferences. They come in different designs, cost, size, features, and more.

    The Goplus Body Board

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    Available in various fun colors, the Goplus Body Board is one of the well-loved bodyboards today. This board comes in various colors to choose from: blue-green, blue-white, pink, purple, yellow-green, yellow, and rose. The designs are fun too and add personality to the boarder.

    There are a lot more features that Goplus Body Board has to offer aside from its colors though. Let us find out if this board really does have the quality it claims.


    The Goplus Body Board is made with an EPS core, which makes the entire board lightweight, buoyant, and durable. It can withstand wave smashes, wipeouts, and drops in the ocean and shore.

    One of the best things about Goplus Body Board is its XPE deck, which not only adds protection against impact but also provides comfort while bodyboarding. It is important to use a board that is comfortable enough for you to help you focus more on your performance and help you increase your speed and control.

    This mid-level board has a polyethylene bottom that is very durable. It enhances the boarder’s projection, speed, and maneuverability. Goplus Body Board’s 60/40 rails, crescent tail, and back channels are also designed to improve the boarder’s flexibility, control, strength, and speed.

    The Goplus Body Board can hold a maximum body weight of 145 pounds, and it measures 41 inches by 17 inches by three inches. It is important to determine the size that fits you so you can be comfortable and be safe from injury.


    • Durable and lightweight
    • Improves overall bodyboarding skills
    • Multiple colors to choose from
    • Impact-resistant
    • Toxin-free
    • Well constructed


    • Wrist cord has questionable quality

    The Wavestorm Foam Bodyboard

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    Even though it only comes in two designs to choose from, the Wavestorm Foam Bodyboard still made it to our list of favorite bodyboards. Want to know why? Let us find out what this mid-level bodyboard has to offer below.


    The Wavestorm Foam Bodyboard is made of a mishmash of materials that makes it durable, strong, and firm, yet lightweight at the same time. Among these materials are an EPS core and an IXPE deck. It is constructed using heat lamination technology, which ensures that all the materials are well-glued and won’t easily rip apart.

    Having 60/40 rails, this 40-inch Wavestorm Foam Bodyboard provides the boarder with better maneuverability, more control, and skills. The rails also make the board more water-resistant no matter big or small the waves are.

    The high-density polyethylene material together with the crescent tail and channels make the bottom of the board very smooth. This quality helps the boarder to catch up with speed and allows for greater control and flexibility.

    To keep the board close to you even after being crushed by the waves, the Wavestorm Foam Bodyboard comes with a professional quality leash and a wristband.


    • Smooth bottom
    • Well-built
    • Improves speed and maneuverability
    • Can last for long


    • A little expensive
    • Leash detaches easily

    The BPS Storm Bodyboard

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    This bodyboard package comes with high-end coiled leash and fin tethers. This makes it perfect for beginners. What else does the BPS Storm Bodyboard offer? Let us find out by checking out its features below.


    The BPS Storm Bodyboard can be considered as an entry-level board because it is made with an EPS core, which is an inexpensive, lightweight material. It also has bottom back channels and a crescent tail. All these are put together to help improve boarder’s overall performance.

    No matter how strong the waves are or whether you get wiped out or not, you can rest assured that the board will stay be nearby. It comes with a premium leash, which you can attach to your feet without feeling uncomfortable.

    Aside from the fin tethers and swim fins, the package also comes with a user manual. This manual shows pictures and instructions on how to mount the leash and use the fin tethers.The manual also includes care instructions for the board.

    One tip you can find from the manual is that the board, the white side, should be left side up under the sun. The BPS Storm Bodyboard is a soft surfboard in which the build-up of air pressure must be prevented.


    • Comes in a complete package
    • Lightweight and comfy to use
    • Satisfaction guarantee
    • Suitable for beginners


    • Expensive for an entry-level board

    The Final Verdict

    We have presented you the top three best bodyboards options, but which one will be best for your skill level and preference?

    Most people will find that the Goplus Body Board offers an excellent combination of durability, maneuverability, and affordability. As compared to the other two bodyboards, this lightweight and durable board seems very suitable for beginners or those who just want to try out bodyboarding.

    The BPS Storm Bodyboard, on the other hand, is also a good choice, especially for those who want to get into bodyboarding seriously. It comes in a complete package, but it is more expensive than the Goplus Body Board.

    On the contrary, if you are an experienced bodyboarder who cares more about a bodyboard that can improve performance, speed, and maneuverability than the cost, then the Wavestorm Foam Bodyboard is an excellent choice for you. It offers high-quality materials and built, which makes it resistant to wave impact and washouts.

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