Beach Towel Vs Bath Towel

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    Going to the beach in summer is one of the most-awaited activities for many people. Who does not love the sun, sand and surf?

    A dip in the ocean and a respite from all that madness at work and school are always good. When summer rolls around, lots of men, women and families plan vacations at their choice seaside spots and tote along swimming gear, sunscreen and of course, beach towels.

    Beach Towel Vs Bath Towel: Is there a difference?

    To make your experience more comfortable and cozy, you need a good beach towel to take along with you. However, you have the whole beach towel vs. bath towel factor to deal with. While some opt for bath towels, many actually prefer beach towels since this kind is tailor-made for the beach.

    The purpose of a beach towel is to dry your body off after a swim. You can also lay down a big beach towel on the sand and make it a cover. During chilly nights by the shore, you can use a beach towel to make yourself warmer and cozier. Beach towels come in a nice variety of designs and sizes.

    There are towels made for children, teens and adults. Hence, you can surely get something that can accommodate your body. They can be found in department stores, retail outlets and online shops. Most beach towels are also affordable.

    Beach towels also come in personalized patterns and motifs that are very eye-catching. There are towels that have multicolor patterns and there are some with funky motifs. Another factor that you have to watch out for is the material the towel is made of.

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    Cotton is always the most recommended fabric for beach towels because it provides great comfort. Cotton also absorbs water better and dries off faster as compared to other materials. However, if you want a product made from a material other than cotton, you can go for that as long as it offers the comfort that you need.

    When it comes to the beach towel vs. bath towel debate, the latter can only be used for drying your body off. A beach towel not only dries your body after a swim, but also it can serve as protection from the damaging rays coming from the sun.

    Being outside for an extended period of time can lead to skin damage. So, whenever you hit the beach, you are prone to get exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. Coupled with sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses, a beach towel also protects users from all those rays because it can cover the skin. These towels are the best items you can bring to a beach outing.

    Oversized beach towels are also being sold in the market. These items are not only good for beach outings, but also they can be used in the mountains. They are as large as a queen-sized bed and they are significantly versatile too because these towels feature “privacy†pockets that become handy when it comes to storing valuable items.

    They are stitched with a hidden slit in the middle for an umbrella as well. These are distinctive features that not all beach towels have. Therefore, if you enjoy both mountain hiking and beach outings, you can invest in such a piece.

    Furthermore, there are other kinds of beach towels out there – from flat-out ones to pieces sold as sets. They have a good variation in terms of colors and designs to satisfy the different needs of individuals. Because of the reasonable prices and benefits of a beach towel, we cannot overlook this nifty item each time we plan a seaside excursion.

    The item is also a nice gift or party favor for friends, family, and workmates. Whether it is for yourself or someone else, a beach towel will prove to be a useful and versatile possession.

    In case you want to know more about this particular product, you can check out retail stores, department stores or just get your data online. Try searching for one and you will be glad to see loads of available designs and sizes that will interest you. By now, you may have finally realized the difference between a beach towel and a bath towel. When you’re at the beach, you should always opt for a beach towel and when you’re at home, bath towels are good option.

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