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    A beach towel is specifically designed to be used at the pool or the beach. These towels are heavier as compared to the ones you use after bathing or showering at home. So, what are beach towel uses? Of course, towels, as a rule of thumb, are meant to dry our bodies off after a shower or bath.

    Beach towels are not only used for drying our body, but also they are meant to provide warmth and comfort after a cold swim at the beach. They are nice to have during those chilly nights when we are just relaxing by the shore.

    Other Beach Towel Uses: Not just for drying

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    There are beach towels meant for kids and the ones that are designed to accommodate adult needs. Finding beach towels with hoods or belts for kids is commonplace. These extra features are added so that children can be snug and warm after a dip in the water. Many children’s beach towels feature happy and frisky designs – from colorful patterns to cartoon characters.

    The ones designed for adults and teens come in a wide variety of colorful motifs. While there are trendy designs perfect for the sunny vibe at the beach,there are also pastels and neutrals that can accommodate the tastes of individuals with traditional choices.

    Beach towels are easy to maintain. In fact, all you have to do is wash them in the machine, put them in a dryer or proceed to dry them outside. They do not need any special measures for maintenance. However, it is always recommended that you wash a beach towel right after each use to prolong its quality. They can be nicely folded up as well.

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    Keep them in a bag or in the closet for safekeeping. Some beach towels also come with their own carry bags so you won’t have to worry about them getting lost somewhere in your clothes cabinet. Simply fold the towel, place it in its bag and you are done.

    A beach towel is often taken for granted by lots of individuals when it comes to beach accessories. This is also a crucial piece because this is the item we use whenever we want to lie down on the beach or dry our bodies off. We also use beach towels to place on lounge chairs so our bodies won’t stick on them during hotter days.

    These towels make the whole beach experience more comfortable for all of us. These are the major beach towel uses therefore it is essential that you put some thought into your next purchase of a beach towel. Here are some of the factors that you have to keep in mind when looking for one:


    As mentioned earlier, there are lots of beach towel designs available. There are minimalist ones and there are towels with trendy, fun designs. Are you more of a traditional type or do you prefer being seen and noticed by means of funky patterns and colorful prints? Do you want something customized or a design that highlights your choice basketball team? Pick a beach towel design that best fits your personality and your mood.

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    Towels that are made of 100%authentic cotton are the way to go. They may be a bit thinner and have a rougher texture than other fabric. However, they absorb water quickly and also tend to dry faster as compared to other materials. Cotton material is also perfect for packing up since it does not take up much space. This is ideal in case you want to go on a longer trip.

    The best quality beach towels are made from genuine Egyptian cotton, which is believed to be the best cotton material today because of its thicker, softer texture. However, they are also more expensive as compared to regular cotton and are on the heavier side.

    Towels made from cotton velour are also good choice since they are tightly woven and therefore are softer. However, they have more fibers in every square inch so they can take up more space and also take longer to dry. This is a great option if you want a beach towel that you can lie on by the shore.


    Size matters when it comes to beach towels. Beach towel uses depend on the size too. Bigger ones can be used as a kind of mat so you can lie on the beach and relax. The larger ones are also ideal for tall individuals. For kids, it is recommended that you purchase towels made for children since adults’ towels are too big for them.

    Now that we have laid out what you need to know about beach towel shopping, we hope you find a piece that suits you best.

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