25 Best Beach Tips – What to Take to the Beach

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    Wondering what to take to the beach?  Here are some tips and tricks on how to pack for the beach.  We’ve also included a printable beach packing list below.  We’ve listed some safety tips first.

    Beach Safety Tips

    1. Safety First:  Learn how to identify a rip current.  A rip current will not pull you under, but it might help you out to sea.  Here is a great little video from the National Ocean Service that explains what a rip current is and what do you if you get into one.

    Brief your kids on the sea creature you might encounter.  Beware of jelly fish or “man 0′ war”.  The sting is painful.  Make sure they know where the life guards are and your spot in the sand.

    What To Take To The Beach

    2.  Be sure to bring along your flip-flops or water shoes to wear in the surf.  You never know if there will be a fish hook or piece of broken glass lying among the pretty shells.


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    Make sure to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going outside every two hours thereafter.  Sunscreen creams can do a great job to filter out the harmful rays and you’ll still get a nice tan.

    You’ll want to make sure that it will protect you from the UVA and UVB rays  Don’t forget your hats and sunglasses, too.  Note:  when snorkeling for an hour or so, you can wear a pair of leggings to keep the back of your legs from burning.  Same with a t-shirt.

    4. Arrive early at the beach and see if you can get a spot close to the side of the lifeguard station.   Stay to the side so the lifeguard has a clear run to the water.

    5. Take along a beach tent (beach sun shelter) to keep the sun at bay.  Many of the sun tents have UV protection and windows or flaps to allow the breeze to flow through making it a cool and comfortable place to relax or to keep baby safe.  Here are a few of the top sun tents.

    pb beach tent2

    6. Put your cell phone in a plastic baggy so keep it dry and sand free.  You can still use the phone through the plastic.   If you want something more sturdy, check out the ones here.

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    7. Fashion a pillow on the end of your beach towel.  You’ll keep your head up to watch over the kids or read a book.  Here is the Tutorial from from DIY Enthusiasts.

    diy beach towel pillow

    8. Sprinkle baby powder on your skin and the sand will easily wipe off.  The baby powder will take away the moisture on your feet and legs which allows that sand to slide off in a snap.

    9. Hide your money in a pad wrapper or orange pill bottle.  

    Pill bottle money holder

    10. “Pocketed beach towel”

    beach towel with pockets

    11. A fitted sheet makes a great place for baby.  Put beach bags, coolers, etc in the corners.  The sand shakes off in a second.  Spread the Monster Towel(Aqua) inside for more comfort.  You can use a little swim pool as a play pen, as well.  Its what to bring to the beach for baby.

    fitted sheet beach trick

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    12. Recycle Coffee-Mate or food containers to hold snacks.  This keeps them from getting crushed and broken while traveling and toting all your beach towels, beach umbrellas, toys, etc down to the beach.

    13. Make a floating key chain.  Just screw in small eye hole screws into wine bottle corks, attach the key ring and keys.  

    floating key ring

    Or get one of these ready made.

    41Jzl2 42uL. SL500

    14. Fill a plastic storage bag with Plaster of Paris to make hand prints and foot prints in the sand.  These will be fun mementos of your day at the beach that you can place around your garden or flower beds.                          

    hand print in sand

    15.  Take the kids toys, balls, flip-flops, sand shovels, etc in this handy mesh beach bag. The sand falls through the mesh so its pretty clean when you get back to your auto.

    what to pack for the beach

    16.  Some great beach carts also have a mesh bag attached to a rack. This Tommy Bahama has fat wheels to roll over the sand.  It will hold all the things you want to take to the beach.

    Tommy Bahama beach cart

    17. Take your shells home and have fun making decorating them.

    decorate beach shells

    18. Aloe Vera has long been know to heal a burn.  Make some aloe ice cubes to ease the pain of sunburn.  You can also take along vinegar or black tea to blot onto sunburn.  They take the sting out.

    19. Make your own drink holder to poke in the sand.  Here is a handy step by step guide to producing your own creation.

    beach and backyard drink holder

    20.  Glad Press’n Seal is great to take to the beach. It makes a great cover for drinks because it sticks to itself so well. Poke a straw down through the center. Pack some paper cupcake liners to place over your drinks.  You can also push them up the Popsicle sticks to keep hands from getting too sticky.

    press'n seal drink cover

    21. Are you going to have a cookout or roast marshmallows?  Here is a handy tutorial from OneGoodThingByJillee.com on making your own easy fire starters.

    diy fire starters

    22. Don’t forget the baby or personal wipes.  They’re great for wiping hands but you can also place them on sunburn to help soothe the area.

    23. If you’re staying at a beach resort, don’t forget to tip the cabana boys, maids, waiters and the beach attendants.  They are some of the hardest working employees of the resort.  Check with the resort manager to see if they will take a one-time tip and distribute it between the staff.24. Leave the boom box at home.  Many people are out to have a relaxing day at the beach to read or just rest.  If you’re playing loud music it will probably be a bit annoying for your neighbors.  Ear buds are a great thing to take to the beach.  You can have your favorite music playing.  Not everyone has the same taste in music.

    41gv5kaJiAL. SL500

    Take a good book with you.

    41vyPOeLUjL. SL500

    25.  Beach packing lists for your day at the beach or a beach vacation.  Don’t forget a thing that you want to take to the beach.

    beach checklist
    beach vacation checklist
    beach checklist

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    Leave us a comment if you have some great tips about what to pack for the beach vacation or what to pack for the beach for a day.

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